About VEPN

“Creating a friendly and supportive networking environment for Victorian EFT Practitioners”

Welcome to the Victorian EFT Practitioner’s Network (VEPN) website. VEPN is a network of EFT users and professionals who meet on the third Saturday of each month in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Waverley.

VEPN offers its members:

  • Support and encouragement in the use and development of EFT
  • A forum for discussing, sharing and exchanging specialist EFT information, expertise and knowledge
  • An opportunity to share books videos and resources related to EFT
  • A friendly and invaluable way to be connected to activities and developments in the field of EFT
  • Professional networking and development events and forums

Membership to VEPN is open to anyone residing in Victoria who:

  • is an avid user of EFT with clients friends or family
  • and/or is working towards becoming an EFT practitioner
  • uses EFT in their professional practice/occupation (eg. counsellor, psychologist, teacher, doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, massage therapist etc)

VEPN membership includes:

  • Attendance at monthly meetings
  • Participation in the email based EFT google group
  • Opportunity to list workshops and practice details on the website.

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Testimonials from VEPN Members

I have not been part of the group for long but am finding it fantastic to connect with other professionals who are using EFT. The information sharing by both email and monthly meetings is invaluable and helps us to all stay connected and ‘in touch’ with others and their specialty fields. I have loved the support and encouragement that I have received in particular and look forward to continuing to learn and share amongst the group. Jenny Johnston

Benefits I have gained from participating in the EFT group:Up to date information regarding EFT in meetings and via email

  • Awareness of Upcoming Seminars and Workshops
  • Skilled Practitioners to ask if you are inexperienced in a particular area and you require help
  • Friendly and caring environment to share EFT experiences Trudi Afford

I joined the Victorian EFT Practitioners Network in time for their December celebrations of 2008. The group were warm and welcoming, and I enjoyed the discussion, learning helpful hints, websites to explore, and discussions about the different innovations in the energy healing arena. I try not to miss any meetings, since I learn something more each time, and we can brainstorm and troubleshoot in areas that are not working, and share business tips that help everyone. Books, videos, speakers. It’s a community who are willing to pool resources to help in the promotion of EFT. I love it. Melva Wise

When the beginnings of the group first started, it was largely to chat about our experiences with EFT and to share our ideas. Later, we were keen to discover how many practitioners were in Melbourne. Before that, I had felt that I was pretty much alone with this amazing technique and I had a whole lot of questions at the back of my mind. It has been marvelous to connect with so many friendly, generous and committed practitioners. We have different areas of expertise and knowledge and share our ideas, application and our aspirations for making EFT more public and recognised in Victoria. The benefit of pooling our resources is also starting to be valuable. Linda Black


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